Stazworks is proud to offer the new Axle Tech Bolt On portal conversion.


Have the need to go slow? We offer affordable doubler kits that have proven to take abuse!

    Pitbull Tires
Bias Tires
Radial Tires

    Tube Benders

Stazworks Model 32 Style Tube Benders!





Full Hydraulic Steering Parts!

Extreme Duty Rams
3" Tube OD. 2.5" Bore 1.5 Alloy Shaft

Rams have machined grooves that our custom mounts key into to prevent the ram from slipping under extreme pressure.

Use the standard 2 clamps per ram or double up and run 4 per ram for the ultimate unmatched strength and peace of mind!

10" stroke $410.00 each
9" stroke $400.00 each
8" stroke $390.00 each
Monster Clevis Ends

2.5" OD. Made for use with 7/8x3/4 hiems. Includes 3/4-16x2 SHCS & cross bolt & spacers.

Extreme Duty Ram Mounts

Billet Steel mounts have internal key to work with our extreme duty rams. Can be bolted or welded to any flat surface.






    Custom Wheels

custom wheels
Are you ready to step up?
We build the original aftermarket 20" Double Beadlock as well as any other custom wheel to suite your needs!

    Rock Rings
Rock RIngs Page!

    Hummer Wheels

hummer wheels
Stock and re-centered H1 wheels parts and accessories!



Need help pointing your tires the right way? Our proven Full Hydro setups will get you there, and our Rear Steer will get you there quicker!

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