Need some BIG meats?
We have hundreds of military tire, ranging from BIG to FRIGGEN HUGE!


Stazworks is proud to offer the new Axle Tech Bolt On portal conversion.


Have the need to go slow? We offer affordable doubler kits that have proven to take abuse!

   Cold Role Ring

Cold role rings greatly reinforce the rim lip while making cleaning of the wheels much easier then rock rings and with the low profile make a very clean look.

    Pitbull Tires
Bias Tires
Radial Tires

    Tube Benders

Stazworks Model 32 Style Tube Benders!






Welcome to Stazworks Extreme Offroad Custom Double Beadlock Wheels
Made to order double beadlock wheels
Available in 15, 16, 16.5, 17, 20 and 22"


Pressed Centers are now included with all wheels

Our Pressed Center is created by simply pressing the center plates into a dish shape, or concaving them. Doing this recesses the lug pattern any where from .75 - 1.75" back from the outer bolt pattern that holds the two halves of the rim together. Pressed Centers add 2-3 times the side load strength to the wheel. It also adds to the visual appeal of the wheel, by giving the centers more dimension and making the wheel look deeper with the same back spacing. With a Pressed Center there are also more back spacing options available that maintain maximum clearance for breaks.


Finally the perfect tool for un-mounting internal beadlocks.
Click Here!


Standard Center Designs
All Rims are made to order with your choice of any bolt pattern, back spacing and center design.




"Texas 6"

Cheyenne 8

Special Order Center Designs

These designs add 15$ per wheel

" Help us name our center patterns!"
Just submit an email to have a name considered for any of our numbered patterns


"Texas 8"

"Large D"





Rockwell / Mog 20" Spider





Iron Cross



"MOD 10"



Custom Order Center Designs

We offer Custom center designs for those looking for a true one off wheel. This often requires hours of drafting and these wheels usually take two to three weeks longer then standard orders. Custom designs start at 25 dollars extra per wheel.


These prices are based on materials used to create the particular rim. If the size of rim you want fits into more than one catagory your desired back spacing will be the determining factor of which way you can go.

 NOTE:   There is additional fee of 30.00$ for single rim purchases.

 NOTE:   There will be 10% cancellation fee on all cancelled orders.
Some orders are subject to higer cancellation fee due to build status and /or specifications of order.

15" Rims
- 15x10   310$ ea.
- 15x12   355$ ea.
- 15x14   410$ ea.
- 15x15-18   535$ ea.**

- Rock rings 60$ installed
- Cold Role Ring 38$ installed
16" Rims
- 16x10   375$ ea.
- 16x12   445$ ea.
- 16x14   550$ ea. ***
- 16x16-18   575$ ea. **

- Rock rings 65$ installed
- Cold Role Ring 40$ installed
16.5" Rims
- 16.5x9.75   365$ ea.
- 16.5x12     435$ ea.
- 16.5x14     525$ ea. ***
- 16.5x16-18 565$ ea. **

- Rock rings 65$ installed
- Cold Role Ring 40$ installed
17" Rims
- 17x9     385$ ea.
- 17x10   445$ ea.
- 17x12   465$ ea.
- 17x14   570$ ea. **
- 17x16   590$ ea. **
- 17x18   610$ ea. **

- Rock rings 70$ installed
- Cold Role Ring 43$ installed
Standard 20's
--Best suited for automotive type tires--
- Under 11 wide   470$
- 20x11   475$ ea.
- 20x12   505$ ea.
- 20x14   515$ ea.
- 20x16   640$ ea.
- 20x18   660$ ea.
- 20x20   680$ ea.

- Other widths available, call for a quote
- Dually add 80$
- Rock rings 75$ installed
- Cold Role Ring 48$ installed
AG type 20's
--Best suited for military or agriculture tires--
- Under 11 wide   480$ ea.
- 20x11   470$ ea.
- 20x12   495$ ea.
- 20x14   515$ ea.
- 20x16   645$ ea.
- 20x18   665$ ea. ***
- 20x20   700$ ea. ***

- Rock rings 75$ installed
- Cold Role Ring 48$ installed
Heavy Truck 20's
- HD 20s are re-centered Used military 20x10 2piece bolt together combat wheels. These are normally 10,000 lbs rated wheels and weigh 150 lbs each. These are often referred to as HEMMIT wheels.

- 20x10 w/o inserts 300$ ea.
- Available powder coated for 75$ each
22" Rims
Now available in any width and back spacing, call for price and availability.

- Rock rings 80$ installed

** One half of wheel widened
*** Limited back spacing for this rim

Rock rings
Rock rings can be added to any order at any time till the day the finish is put on the rims
All welds are ground and sanded smooth with low spots filled with weld for clean one piece look
Rock rings can also be purchased by them selves and installed by the customer at a 15$ discount off the listed price

Cold Role Rings are 1/2" round stock roled into a hoop and welded into the lip of the rim. After welding all welds are machined/sanded smooth with low spots filled for clean one piece look
Cold Role Rings are near half the price as a Rock Ring yet provid just as much aditional strength to the lip and dont hold mud like a full rock ring does Cold Role Rings can be added to your wheels any time up till the day the finish is put on the rims
Cold Role Rings can also be purchased by them selves and installed by the customer at a 15$ discount off the listed price

** Prices subject to change without notice.

    Custom Wheels

custom wheels
Are you ready to step up?
We build the original aftermarket 20" Double Beadlock as well as any other custom wheel to suite your needs!

    Rock Rings
Rock RIngs Page!

    Hummer Wheels

hummer wheels
Stock and re-centered H1 wheels parts and accessories!



Need help pointing your tires the right way? Our proven Full Hydro setups will get you there, and our Rear Steer will get you there quicker!


   Rock Rings

More coming soon!



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